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General Ruqya Treatment Plan for Sihr, Possession & Evil Eye

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

The following is an effective general treatment plan for all patients suffering from sihr, evil eye and jinn possession.


  1. Intend to make the shaytan-qareen Muslim or at least for it to surrender to your uprightness.

  2. Intend the main magician-shaytan that did the sihr and came with the sihr - for it to burn & die, as well as the main sihr to burn to ashes.

  3. Intend the main shaytan that came due to lust - for it to burn & die.

  4. Intend the main shaytan that came due to oppression or vengeance - for it to burn & die.

  5. Intend the main shaytan that came with evil eye - for it to burn & die.


  1. Have an audio recitation of the Quran played in your house continuously, without any breaks, until the entire Quran is read. Repeat this upon every completion. The volume should be set to normal level. You may switch between reciters.

  2. Shower with recited water (mixed with normal warm water in a bucket or bathtub). However, cold water is preferred. Women are not required to wash their hair every day; sprinkling the hair with recited water suffices. They may wash their hair every 3 days.

  3. Apply recited oil (olive oil or black seed oil) all over the body after step 2. Apply generous amounts on the area of the pain, pins and needles, knot etc. Black seed oil is preferred if the sihr, evil eye or possession is severe. If it is a lustful jinn, apply black seed oil and recited itr (perfume) around the private area. If you suffer from a medical reaction to black seed oil and itr then apply olive oil.

  4. In severe cases, apply strong recited itr (perfume) on the body after step 3. Apply generous amounts on the area of the pain, pins and needles, knot etc. Avoid steps 3 & 4 if you suffer from a skin or medical condition that is exacerbated by the oil or perfume.

  5. Eat at least 7 Ajwah dates on an empty stomach every morning and evening.

  6. Drink a table spoon of recited olive oil twice a day on an empty stomach if the sihr or possession is severe.

  7. Spray the house with recited water after every prayer, or at least twice per day. Do this also when there are mood swings.

  8. Recite and blow into water, oil and itr to replenish the recited liquids. When you pray, recite or make duas blow on the items you apply to the body like shower gel and face cream,

  9. Recite daily in your home in order to complete the Quran every 3 months.

  10. Do hijamah once a month on the body, and once every 3 months on the head.

Remember to intend all 5 intentions when following this ruqya treatment plan and see which intention impacts you the most. Then prioritise that intention.

Always consult your doctor before taking any dietary supplement.

Follow this comprehensive treatment plan and in the space of a few weeks you will see positive results inshaAllah.

May Allah Ash-Shafi cure all those whom are afflicted with this evil and protect us and our families, relatives and the society at large from them! Allahumma Ameen!

All praise is for Allah, Rabb of all that exists.

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