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Attending online group-ruqya session and what to expect

Online group-ruqya sessions are where multiple people gather together and ruqya is performed on them to treat / test for sihr (black magic), jinn possession and evil eye. The session is confidential and participants cannot see or hear one another. Additionally, each session we will complete at least 1 juzz of the Quran.

At present, group-ruqya sessions are held once a month. The next session will be Saturday, 30 December 2023, at 11:00am - 1:00pm (UK). 

Group-Ruqya Session

Conducted by Shaykh Abu Ubaid and Shaykh Ahmad Rajab. At the start of the session, the Raqi (ruqya practitioner) will explain what he will do. During treatment, the Raqi may do the following:

  • recite

  • ask you to recite

During treatment, patients may vomit, yell and see visions among other reactions.

At the end of the session, patients will be given an opportunity to ask questions or air any concerns. 

Booking a Session

Group sessions have a limited capacity. You can book your place by clicking the button below. Upon registration, we will email you the link 24 hours before the event.

Patients must be 18 years old or above. Patients under 18 must have an adult guardian present at all times.

Software & Equipment

The session will be held on Zoom, which can be downloaded here. Patients must use headphones throughout the session for maximum effect. We also advise having a vomit bag present.

All patients should inform a family member or friend and request them to oversee the patient during the session. We advise against children being present.


The length of a group session is 2 hours and is priced at £14.99 per person.

Cancellations made 3 days in advance of the session will be issued a refund within 14 working days. You may cancel by phone.

Cancellations made within 3 days of the session will not be issued a refund.

Your Personal Information

New patients will be registered to the centre. All personal information will be kept confidential.

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