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Ruqya Audio Player

All in one device with Ruqya verses and supplications for listening therapy & treatment of Jinn possession, black magic and evil eye.

Includes exclusive recitation by Shaykh Ahmad Rajab (Egypt) and Shaykh Abu Ubaid (Mauritania, Egypt).

Price: £59.99



Charge the device before use (do not charge beyond 3 hours). Insert the mini SD card into the device and turn on.


Play the entire audio track list intending cure, blessings and to veil you and your residence from the devils, their evils and supernatural harms.

If any particular track impacts you, continue playing that track with the same intention.


If you sense no impact then whatever specific symptom(s) you experience each day, intend to burn them & their sources whilst playing the entire audio track list.

Shifa (cure) is only from Allah. So make lots of duas, have a big heart, and give lots of sadaqah (charitable donations) whilst taking all legislated means. 

Note: Ruqya items are more effective when used in conjunction with a ruqya treatment plan. 


1. Collection. At checkout, select 'Collection Only'. Once an order is placed, we will contact you (within 24 hours) to arrange a suitable time for you to come to Fitrah Centre and collect your purchased items.

2. Delivery. At checkout, select 'Standard Shipping'. There is a flat fee of £10 for shipping. This includes both delivery costs and protective packaging. Products are shipped every Tuesday with an estimated delivery time of 3-5 business days.

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