1200g of natural pink Himalayan salt recited over for the purposes of curing and burning away sihr (black magic), jinn-possession and evil eye.


How to use


1. Have the intention of burning away and curing the sihr (black magic), jinn-possession or evil eye.


2. Mix 150g of Ruqya bath salts with water and then bathe in it (with the aforementioned intention). 150g is approximately 10 tablespoons.

Note: Ruqya items are more effective when used in conjunction with a ruqya treatment plan. 


Collection Only


This is a collection only service. To collect your ruqya item:


1. Place an order

2. Once an order is placed, we will contact you (within 24 hours) to arrange a suitable time for you to come to Fitrah Centre and collect your purchased items.

Ruqya Bath Salts