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50 Hadith on Ruqya

Introducing for the first time in the UK, a 5 day course studying 50 authentic prophetic reports on ruqya, jinn-possession, sihr (magic) and evil eye.

Topics include:

  • The different ways sihr, jinn-possession and evil eye occur

  • Those that the shayatin (devils) specifically target

  • Validity of divorce in cases where the separation was caused by sihr

  • Detailed breakdown of when sihr (spell) was cast on the Prophet

  • The incident of Umm Zufar - epilepsy or jinn possession?

  • Thieves among the jinn

  • How the Prophet treated patients suffering from sihr, jinn-possession and evil eye

  • The different practices, prayer-formulas and medicines employed in the ruqya treatment

  • Interactions between the Sahabah and the jinn

  • and so much more

This course will be live streamed online. Ticket holders will also receive course notes and audio recordings of the sessions.

The course will be delivered by Shaykh Abu Ubaid. He is the senior Raqi at Fitrah Centre with many years of experience. He is also the Dean of Studies  at Dar Al-Arqam, Islamic institute in London, UK. 

Date: TBC
Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Tuition fee: £60 per person

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